How it Works

Our goal is to make website design a Simple process. In three simple steps we'll have your new website up and running, and we'll do all the work.  A website doesn't end after the build, so we'll go a step further and make sure your new website continues to perform well. We'll keep the website software up to date, all plugins up to date and maintain the server for you, all done automatically and behind the scenes. 

Like WordPress, only better. 


Here's the process for getting your new website up and running quickly:


Select a Starting Design

Browse through our existing design samples and select one that best fits your business. If you can't decide, that's ok. We're here to help you select one, or combination of a few. These just design ideas let us know what you like.

Provide your Content

Send us text and images you would like on the page. If you don't have images we can provide stock images for you (or any combination). You can send us brochures, any  existing text in a Word Document or PDF file. 

Don't have content? Not to worry. We have writers that can help you with creating the content. We'll setup a quick phone interview and write the content for you. 


Our Designers Get to Work

We'll take all the content you provided, or we created, and build a website that reflects your business and you'll be proud of. You won't need to tinker with any funny editors or complex layout software. We'll do all that for you, so you end up with a beautiful, professionally design website. 


That's it. We'll show you how to update your site with an easy-to-use site editor. No more tracking down the developer, programmer or designer to make changes. 



There's more.

  • Lighting-Fast Hosting

    We host your site on a lightning-fast, always-up, network powered by Amazon Web Services.

  • Managed WordPress Updates

    We update the software and server, so you don't have to worry about software updates or plugins. 

  • Optimized Servers and Code

    Our Gurus optimize your code and website automatically to make sure your site is served as fast as possible for a better SEO and user experience. 

What's Included?

Check out all the features we've included and what you get. 

Design Samples

Browse our design samples and find a design for your new website. 



Simple Website Design is a service provided by Digital Canvas helping small to medium businesses with full-service website design. 


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