Personal Designer

We design and build the website for you. You don't need to tinker with complex or confusing web building tools. You end up with a beautifully designed and customized website for your business starting from the design template of your choosing.

Simple & Easy Process

We made it as Simple as possible. You select the starting template, provide us the content, then we get to work and completely build the website for you. You even have access to update and make changes as needed. 

Modern Designs

We have a selection of unique and modern designs to select from. Don't worry, the initial design is only a starting point. Your completed site will be unique and not look like it was designed from a template. 

Responsive Websites

Every website we build is completely mobile and desktop responsive. That is, it will look good and function on all modern devices and browsers. Right out of the box. Simple. 

Update Anytime

You will have a modern easy to use interface to update your website. No need to call a web designer or IT to make changes. Reduce costs and take control of your own content. Go ahead, update the site on a Sunday at 7 pm. 

Lightning-Fast Hosting

We make sure your site is not only always up and running, but optimized and running as fast as it possible. We have lightning-fast servers on a lightning-fast network which are not oversold. We've taken care of all technical stuff, so you don't have to.


We've streamlined our process and standardized our platform to give you a valuable solution at the best price possible. 

Fast Turn Around

Instead of months or years, you'll be up and running with your new website almost as quickly as you provide the content. Don't have content or need help with writing your content, no problem. Just let us know and we can assist you with content too.

SEO Optimization

Every website has built-in SEO optimization. You can add meta-tags, head tags, and all that other stuff to make sure it ranks highly on the search engines. We'll even send you reports on how your sites ranking.  If you need help with optimization or SEO, we can take it a step further provide managed SEO and marketing services.  


We know how it is. Once the website's built, something always comes up. Either there's a plugin or the server that needs updating, there something that's not working and the hosting company tells you to call the developer. Good Luck. We've made it simple and eliminated all that. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

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Simple Website Design is a service provided by Digital Canvas helping small to medium businesses with full-service website design. 


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